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Wind Turbines – A Blow’ming good idea?

Tuesday, 23rd August 2011 | by: Peter Barry

For those of you that don’t know what a wind turbine is, these are the large ‘space like fans’ that seem to be ever increasingly popping up in the outskirts of many major cities. Despite your first impression their purpose isn’t a barbaric solution to controlling the bird population, but instead a sustainable energy producing system that ... Read more >>

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Party Wall Questions #7

Wednesday, 17th August 2011 | by: Peter Barry

Question The Government Explanatory Booklet lists certain jobs as being so minor they do not warrant the serving of a notice: Drilling into a party wall to fix plugs and screws for ordinary wall units or shelving Cutting into a party wall to add or replace recessed electric wiring and sockets Replastering Which of the following ... Read more >>

Alternative Heating Solutions – Is it time you got Wood?

Wednesday, 3rd August 2011 | by: Peter Barry

When thinking of heating and hot water in a domestic situation, generally speaking two options tend to spring to mind, electric and gas. However, despite not being familiar to most consumers there are alternatives on the market. These alternatives not only offer value for money, but in many cases can actually be beneficial to the environment, can ... Read more >>

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Rainwater Management Systems – Taking Advantage of the Weather

Thursday, 21st July 2011 | by: Peter Barry

The United Nations considers the supply of water to be a major ongoing issue for the 21st Century. With global temperatures and the size of the population both on the increase it will become progressively more expensive to meet demand; costs are likely to rise and in extreme case rationing may be necessary. Within the UK, it is normal to ... Read more >>

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Freehold Enfranchisement

Thursday, 14th July 2011 | by: Peter Barry

The vast majority of flats in England and Wales are held on long leases, but many lessees will have the right to acquire the freehold interest in the building that contains their flat.  In this post I will try to explain the process of acquiring the freehold interest, which is known as ‘collective enfranchisement’, and is covered by Chapter 1 ... Read more >>

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In speaking the words ‘I don’t quite see why they need a more detailed report, surely a Valuation would have been sufficient’, I was setting myself up for fall, and inadvertently volunteering to write this upcoming post.  This happened on a Homebuyer Survey I accompanied two weeks ago, where the property in question gave the initial ... Read more >>

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Space Travel Within the Building Sector

Friday, 10th June 2011 | by: Peter Barry

Solar panels (photovoltaic panels) are used by millions of homeowners worldwide, allowing them to generate their own electricity, reduce their bills, and in many cases actually sell their excess electricity back to the grid. However, the technology was never designed for use within a domestic setting, nor a building setting for that matter. - ... Read more >>

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