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Waterproofing Solid Brick Walls

Saturday, 8th March 2014 | by: Justin Burns

As a result of the extreme weather over recent weeks I’ve taken a couple of calls from owners who have experienced dampness penetrating through solid walls as a result of driving rain. You’d think that a 215mm thick solid brick wall would provide a sufficient barrier to rain but often defects will arise which means that’s not the ... Read more >>

Categories: Surveying

Party Wall Surveyor Fees

Saturday, 1st March 2014 | by: Justin Burns

We prepare several fee proposals for party wall services every week. Clients like the assurance of a fixed fee and as specialist party wall surveyors we’re confident to provide such. The more difficult question is what the adjoining owner’s surveyor is likely to charge? It’s probably best to start by explaining why the adjoining owner’s ... Read more >>

Categories: Party Walls, Surveying

Surveying a Property that is to be Sold at Auction

Saturday, 1st February 2014 | by: Justin Burns

In normal circumstances our clients will have agreed to purchase a property at a set price prior to instructing us to undertake a survey. That’s not possible if the subject property is being sold at auction. Auction houses tend to publish their catalogues, both in hard copy and online, about a month in advance. In the 2-3 weeks leading up to ... Read more >>

Categories: Surveying

Essex Barn Renovation – Under Floor Heating

Saturday, 18th January 2014 | by: Justin Burns

If you’ve read the previous posts in this series you’ll know that the renovation was split in to 2 phases; effectively dividing the barn down the middle. Since the last post was uploaded phase 1 has been largely completed so we’ve swapped sides with the builders. Even though phase 1 overran by about 5 weeks I’m still told that the work ... Read more >>

Categories: Case Studies

The Perils of Lath and Plaster Ceilings

Saturday, 21st December 2013 | by: Justin Burns

Thursday evening’s collapse of a section of the ceiling at the Apollo Theatre in London brought in to sharp focus the need to maintain ceilings in period properties. Looking at the pictures of the Apollo’s interior there is much ornate plasterwork but being built in 1901 the base of the ceiling will undoubtedly be of lath and plaster type. ... Read more >>

Categories: Surveying

Are Purchases Falling through due to a Shortage of Surveyors?

Thursday, 19th September 2013 | by: Peter Barry

Many estate agents and mortgage brokers are reporting lengthy delays when it comes to getting surveys completed for properties. Hotspots such as West London are amongst the most affected by the backlog but there seems to be a general lengthening in the time span for survey fulfillment. Although RICS (the Royal Institute for Chartered Surveyors) is ... Read more >>

Categories: Surveying

Valuing Roof Spaces for Development

Friday, 13th September 2013 | by: Matthew Price

I’ve had to prepare a couple of valuations recently for owners that wanted to either buy or sell a roof space. The most common scenario is where a property has been converted but the roof space, or part of it, has been retained by the freeholder; often for the purpose of housing cold water storage tanks serving the flats below. As the flats ... Read more >>