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Cameron Weights

Cameron Weights


Cameron is an Architectural Technician and works with the Chartered Surveyors to provide architectural services to our clients. He is currently working towards gaining his CIAT Membership and the subsequent title of Architectural Technologist. Having previously worked in a measurement specialising surveying firm Cameron has an expert grasp of how buildings work. Following his injury related retirement from rugby Cameron likes to keep fit in the gym whilst avidly following Liverpool FC.

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Party Walls – An Architectural View

Working as an Architectural Technologist for one of London’s busiest firms of Chartered Surveyors gives me the unique advantage of being surrounded by party wall specialists every day.  More importantly, it has allowed me to gain a good understanding of party wall procedures and factor them in to my design projects at an ... Read More >>

Roof Design – Function, Form and Cost

If we were to simplify buildings down to their very core elements it could be said that they contain only 3 different parts; walls, floors and roofs. Again, I stress this is a very simplified outlook but a lot of the time it's these three elements that are often overlooked in design schemes as they are deemed ‘too boring’ ... Read More >>

Timing Your Building Projects

I recently took an enquiry from a client who was looking to have some building work completed; specifically, they were looking to have a rear extension built. As I personally believe that the needs of the project should dictate the design of the works I enquired into what the new space would be used for. My client informed me ... Read More >>

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