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It’s always difficult to advise people who call us up when a neighbour has started work which comes within the scope of the Party Wall Act but have not served the required notice. It is one of the shortcomings of the Act that there aren’t any penalties for non-compliance. The only remedy available to a Building Owner is to apply for an ... Read more >>

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Flat Roof Coverings – Top 5 Defects

Friday, 2nd July 2010 | by: Peter Barry

1. Poor workmanship Installing flat roof coverings, be they felt, asphalt or sheet metal is a specialised job. Many of the problems associated with felt coverings to flat roofs stem from poor workmanship. DIY felt jobs are the biggest culprit and are simply storing up problems for the future. 2. Ponding ‘Flat’ roofs are not ... Read more >>

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Pitched Roof Coverings – Top 5 Defects

Saturday, 29th May 2010 | by: Peter Barry

1. Roof Spread It was common throughout the 1970s & 80s for dilapidated slate roofs to be replaced with heavy interlocking concrete tiles. Large concrete tiles weigh considerably more than slates and unless additional supports are provided the rafters will bend under the weight and in extreme cases place additional pressure of the tops of ... Read more >>

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Why You Shouldn’t Attend Your Survey

Sunday, 25th April 2010 | by: Peter Barry

I’m asked by clients quite regularly if they can ‘drop by’ towards the end of a survey inspection to get a ‘quick run down’ - I always politely refuse. I have lost instructions in the past for taking this stance but the more surveys I do the more sure I am that it is correct. Apart from the fact that I have no authority to allow a ... Read more >>

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When Were Your Electrics Last Tested?

Monday, 15th March 2010 | by: Peter Barry

I last wrote about the New RICS Homebuyer Report on the blog back in July last year. It becomes mandatory at the end of this month after which Chartered Surveyors will no longer be permitted to produce the old style printed version. I switched over to the new reports last week (the timing was based on when my stock of the old stationary ran ... Read more >>

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The Condensation Season

Monday, 25th January 2010 | by: Peter Barry

Being smack bang in the middle of the condensation season I thought it would be a good time to take an overview of what can be one of the most difficult of building defects to resolve. Condensation occurs when the air inside your property cannot hold the water vapour which is being produced and deposits it as a liquid – usually on the coldest ... Read more >>

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Property Defects caused by the Big Freeze

Saturday, 23rd January 2010 | by: Peter Barry

Now that the ice has melted on the area’s roads you will have noticed the massive increase in the number of potholes. The problem is caused by water entering through minor defects in the surface of the tarmac, expanding as it freezes and de-laminating the surface. The bad news for homeowners is that there are many areas of your property which ... Read more >>

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