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Schedules of condition

Schedules of Condition

A schedule of condition is a survey which simply records the condition of a property at a particular point in time. It is normally prepared in advance of work being undertaken at an adjoining property so that any damage which occurs can be easily attributed.

We prepare schedules of condition as part of the party walls process and also where such is required as a condition of a License to Alter granted by a Freeholder (see below).

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Licenses to Alter (LTA)

Structural or material alterations to a flat will generally require the Landlord’s consent under the terms of the lease. That consent is issued in the form of a Licence to Alter (LTA).

Our services to Landlords and Leaseholders include an initial review of the proposals, sourcing any further specialist input required, assisting solicitors in the drafting of the License, scheduling the condition of any affected adjoining units and inspecting the works as they progress and upon completion.

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Scaffold Licenses

Unless there is a right of access under the Party Wall Act or the terms of a lease, express consent will be required to place scaffolding on or over the land of another owner. A well drafted license will cover issues such as safety, security, the control of dust and working hours as well as confirming the expected duration of the access.

As part of any agreement the Licensee will cover the Licensor’s professional fees. As there is no obligation on the Licensor to provide access such may be subject to a weekly payment and further payments to cover any over-run.

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Specific Defect Reports

If there is a particular defect with a property that requires further investigation this will be the most suitable type of report.

A Specific Defect Report is written to a similar level of detail as a Building Survey. It includes a detailed analysis of the problem and where appropriate a specification for the repair, including estimated repair costs and details of at least 2 suitable contractors that we’ve recommended in the past and on whom we have received positive feedback.

We offer the service as a standalone report or as a follow-up to an RICS Homebuyer Report.

Armed with our report a buyer can renegotiate with confidence and later pass the report on to their builders to ensure that the repair is executed to a good standard.

Reinstatement Cost Valuations

Reinstatement Cost Valuations

The reinstatement value of a property is required to ensure that it is adequately insured. It is the cost of rebuilding the property from scratch following fire or some other disaster.

The value is calculated using the external floor area of the existing building and the latest construction costs provided by the Building Cost Information Service (BCIS).

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Schedules of Outstanding Works (Snagging Lists)

Snagging lists are used as an alternative to traditional surveys on new build properties or on properties that have recently been the subject of extensive refurbishment work.

The property is inspected in detail, both internally and externally, at the point of practical completion (normally when contracts are exchanged) and a Schedule of Outstanding Works which should be carried out prior to completion of the purchase is produced. Copies of the report are sent to the client, the client’s solicitor and, if appropriate, the developer.

If requested, we carry out a further inspection prior to completion to confirm that all works have been carried out satisfactorily.

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