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Nick Pallikaris

Nick Pallikaris

BSc (Hons) MFPWS

Nick joined Peter Barry in July 2018 as a trainee building surveyor. He has a solid background in the property industry and he is currently studying an RICS postgraduate degree in building surveying at the University College of Estate Management. Nick specialises in leasehold valuation and party wall matters. Outside of work, Nick enjoys travelling, as well as dancing and cycling.

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Guest Post – What does an Architect do?

The common stereotype is that architects ‘draw pretty pictures’ of buildings.  That may be true – the presentation of information is important, but it only scratches the surface of our role.Our output includes both drawn and written information.  The drawings are in reality diagrams that record a complex and many ... Read More >>

Insurance and the Party Wall Act

It used to be common for party wall awards to include an obligation for the building owner to ‘maintain or cause contractor(s) to maintain adequate insurance against such risks and provide evidence of this upon demand by the adjoining owner’s surveyor contractor’ and this was generally interpreted as the relatively ... Read More >>

Building Contracts and the Party Wall Act

I often tell adjoining owners that have suffered damage as a result of party wall work not to, under any circumstances, enter into discussions directly with their neighbours’ builder. By giving such advice, I’m not trying to make life difficult for building owners but rather making the point that under the Act it is the ... Read More >>

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