Steve Hobbs

Steve Hobbs


Steve is a Chartered Surveyor and has been with Peter Barry since 2013. He is an RICS Registered Valuer and has a particular interest in the specialist field of lease extension and freehold enfranchisement valuation. Alongside his primary work as a valuer Steve also undertakes residential surveys and party wall appointments. Outside of work Steve spends most of his energy with his young family, whilst still trying to find the time to slot in the occasional frame of snooker.


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Inheritance Tax and Jointly Owned Property

When two people own a property together the property will be held, in terms of legal title, either as ‘joint tenants’ or as ‘tenants in common’. The primary difference is that when a property is owned as ‘tenants in common’ each party owns a distinct, identifiable share in the property. This may happen, for example, ... Read More >>

Preparing a Reinstatement Cost Assessments (Insurance Valuation)

The process of preparing a Reinstatement Cost Assessment involves a site visit to inspect the property, take measurements and site notes detailing the type and quality of the accommodation, a calculation of the likely reinstatement cost of the property based on the information gathered during the inspection, and the recording ... Read More >>

Valuations – What do I need to know?

In recent months we have, on more than one occasion, been asked to undertake reviews of valuations undertaken by other valuers following concerns raised by the clients as to their accuracy. In these circumstances it’s not unusual to find that the valuation under scrutiny leaves something to be desired. It is also not unusual ... Read More >>

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