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Court Proceedings

There are numerous scenarios in which a surveyor could be required to provide a valuation to a Court and as per the examples above the report would need to be prepared in accordance with the Red Book. The Valuer will also have to comply with the Civil Procedure Rules – Part 35 for expert witnesses and assessors.

Surveyors acting as expert witnesses provide a crucial role in judicial proceedings. Judges and tribunals reply on their opinions to interpret the evidence put to them, from which they can make informed decisions.

One key area in which this is relevant is Peter Barry’s Leasehold Reform work at the First Tier Tribunal (FTT). The peculiarities of the process mean that a surveyor will change their role from a client based relationship during a negotiation, to an expert witness role when presenting evidence to the FTT. The level of impartiality and professionalism demanded of the valuer is substantially higher and a thorough understanding of the procedural process is absolutely vital.

Our Chartered Surveyors Matthew Price BSc MRICS and Steve Hobbs BSc MRICS have both been selected by the President of the FTT to produce expert witness reports for absent landlord claims under the 1987 Act.

Our governing body, the RICS is governed by Royal Charter and as such its primary aim is to maintain and uphold the highest of qualities to ensure that chartered surveyors undertake their professional duties to equally high standards.

Our Chartered Surveyors produce work to the highest possible standard and have prepared reports for numerous purposes and would be happy to assist you by email or phone.


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