Lease Extension, Enfranchisement and Covid-19 – How we are avoiding delays and protecting clients

Wednesday, 25th March 2020 | by: Peter Barry

As we all adjust to the new reality of home working everyone is having to adjust the way they do business. Residential surveying is founded on the need to visit and inspect people’s homes and properties, but there are many types of work that with small adjustments can still function remotely.

Desktop Reports

A report for a lease extension can be produced without the surveyor attending the property and Peter Barry Surveyors have been offering this service for years. Whilst freehold enfranchisements are more complex, it is possible in certain circumstances to undertake these remotely too.

Without getting too technical, this is due to the process assuming that the flat’s condition is no better or worse than is required by the lease. Think middle of the road kitchen, bathroom, and decoration for a newly marketed rental. No more no less.

This quirk means that with a reasonable level of detail on the flat itself, there is no need for the surveyor to consider the flat’s current state of repair.

Required Information

The most ideal piece of information is an up to date floorplan like the one above. If you are purchasing a property and looking to extend its lease you’ll have a plan as part of the sales particulars. If you bought in the last 5 years we can probably find it by searching Rightmove House Prices.

If this is not available then our surveyors can work with you to determine suitable steps to allow the valuation to proceed. We have had clients take simple measurements. Others have had a go at producing their own sketches of floorplans.

Please do contact us or phone us and one of our team can work with you to establish your options.

Stop the clock on your Lease!

You may ask, why all the rush? The shorter your lease gets, the more expensive your lease extension costs. The way to stop it decreasing is to serve a Section 42 notice of claim for a lease extension and a Section 13 notice for enfranchisement.

If an inspection is warranted, you can have a desktop study, serve notice and we can inspect when it is more suitable.


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