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Rishi Sunak’s Stamp Duty Holiday

Wednesday, 8th July 2020 | by: Peter Barry

Of all taxes, Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT) is one of the more debatable (and liked) as it significantly slows the pace at which the housing market can operate. It is particularly restrictive on first-time buyers who make a significant contribution to a functioning market. Less first time buyers, less second-time buyers to buy their next property, ... Read more >>

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COVID-19 WEEK ONE: A Giant Thank You to all Our clients

Wednesday, 18th March 2020 | by: Matthew Price

This time last week the UK was forging its own course of action through the COVID-19 crisis leaving many to question whether we were doing enough.  Then came Monday 16th and Boris's announcement of mass postponement of sporting events, curtailment of social gatherings and for employees to work from home. Peter Barry, along with the rest of the ... Read more >>

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Interest Rates Cut in Response to Coronavirus

Wednesday, 11th March 2020 | by: Peter Barry

The Bank of England has cut its base rate from 0.75% to 0.25%. The last time there was a cut was back in 2016 but rates have been at a very low level since the financial crash of 2008. Some mortgages will get cheaper but not all: Fixed-Rate: as the name suggests, your rate cannot change during the fixed period but you can generally start ... Read more >>

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The Great Stamp Duty Gamble

Tuesday, 21st January 2020 | by: Peter Barry

Budget day has been announced for March 11. Will the Chancellor go ahead with the 3 percent surcharge on non-resident properties? Will he realise the Prime Minister's pledge of removing the stamp duty (SDLT) burden from buyers of properties below £500,000? What about the possible cut in the current 10% paid between £925,000 and £1,5m to ... Read more >>

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UK Housing Market gets Boris Bounce

Friday, 17th January 2020 | by: Matthew Price

The recently published RICS Residential Market Survey has found that the Conservative's December election victory is now translating into positive effects. In its report,  17% of RICS members reported rises as opposed to falls in buyer enquiries. In addition to this, 31% of members expected transactions to rise over the next quarter. 61% of ... Read more >>

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2020 House Price Predictions

Thursday, 2nd January 2020 | by: Matthew Price

Mild rises likely coming from greater Brexit certainty Rightmove have predicted a modest 2% rise over the course of 2020 for the UK, with larger gains expected in the North. This is mainly due to the Government's large majority and Brexit now confirmed for 31st January which should give both buyers and sellers more confidence to move in the ... Read more >>

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