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Roof Lights – Less is More?

Thursday, 29th June 2017 | by: Cameron Weights

At the time of writing the UK has just experienced the hottest Summer Solstice on record and the hottest June day in 40 years. Those of us sat inside are no doubt struggling to concentrate let alone write an interesting blog post relating to architecture! Most of you will no doubt be questioning this post in agreement that there is no such thing ... Read more >>

Categories: Architecture

Architectural Case Study – Rear Extension

Friday, 16th June 2017 | by: Cameron Weights

The Brief Our clients had recently bought a mid-terrace 19th Century 4 bedroom 4 storey property in SW6 London. They had picked the property on the basis that is had great potential for development, highlighting their desire to re-develop the existing rear addition and explore the idea of splitting the property into 2 x 2 bedroom flats. The ... Read more >>

Categories: Architecture, Case Studies

Party Walls – An Architectural View

Thursday, 23rd March 2017 | by: Cameron Weights

Working as an Architectural Technologist for one of London’s busiest firms of Chartered Surveyors gives me the unique advantage of being surrounded by party wall specialists every day.  More importantly, it has allowed me to gain a good understanding of party wall procedures and factor them in to my design projects at an early stage. As a ... Read more >>

Roof Design – Function, Form and Cost

Thursday, 2nd February 2017 | by: Cameron Weights

If we were to simplify buildings down to their very core elements it could be said that they contain only 3 different parts; walls, floors and roofs. Again, I stress this is a very simplified outlook but a lot of the time it's these three elements that are often overlooked in design schemes as they are deemed ‘too boring’ to think about. I ... Read more >>

Categories: Architecture

Timing Your Building Projects

Wednesday, 18th January 2017 | by: Cameron Weights

I recently took an enquiry from a client who was looking to have some building work completed; specifically, they were looking to have a rear extension built. As I personally believe that the needs of the project should dictate the design of the works I enquired into what the new space would be used for. My client informed me that they wanted a ... Read more >>

Categories: Architecture, Party Walls

3D Laser Scanning in Architecture

Tuesday, 13th September 2016 | by: Cameron Weights

Peter Barry prides itself on being a forward thinking professional practice; not only do we offer our clients a first class service we produce drawings that are in the upper echelon of accuracy and quality. One way in which we achieve this is by utilising 3D laser scanning in our measured surveys. What Is 3D Laser Scanning? Laser scanning ... Read more >>

Categories: Architecture

A Guide to Building Regulations

Thursday, 8th September 2016 | by: Cameron Weights

A Guide to Building Regulations I am often asked ‘What is Building Regulations, why do I need them, does my project need building regulations approval?’ In most cases the answer is yes, in almost all residential development work, even if you believe it to be minor works you will need some form of building regulations approval. What Are ... Read more >>

Categories: Architecture

Planning Permission v Permitted Development

Sunday, 7th August 2016 | by: Cameron Weights

Planning Permission v Permitted Development Clients tend to ask me the question ‘Should I go through planning permission or should I go through permitted development?’ To answer the question it is important to really understand the difference between the two first starting with an understanding of each. What is Planning ... Read more >>

Categories: Architecture

Stages of Works – Architectural Services

Monday, 11th July 2016 | by: Cameron Weights

As an architectural technician working in close conjunction with our clients it has become increasingly obvious that the stages involved when wanting to proceed with works at a property aren’t quite clear. I have therefore decided that it is only fitting that the first post from the architectural team address this crucial issue as otherwise ... Read more >>

Categories: Architecture

We have recently completed a number of pre-purchase surveys for clients intending to buy houses of non-traditional construction. Properties of non-traditional construction can often be a source of concern for buyers and mortgage lenders alike, as some suffer defects not found in the general housing stock, and might require expensive repairs. As ... Read more >>