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Case Study – How Using a Professional can save you Money

Wednesday, 26th October 2011 | by: Peter Barry

We’ve written quite a few posts over the last few months on how the Leasehold Reform, Housing and Urban Development Act 1993 works in principle, so we thought it was probably about time to look at a ‘Real World’ example and show how you can benefit from taking professional advice at an early stage.As they always say in these cases, ... Read more >>

The Leasehold Reform Act – The Concept of New for Old

Thursday, 31st March 2011 | by: Peter Barry

Many insurance companies offer ‘New for Old’ policies.  The Leasehold Reform Act is similar; you can get a new lease in exchange for your old one, but, as usual, there is a price to be paid.Over the course of the last few months we have tried to explain some of the detail of The Leasehold Reform, Housing and Urban Development Act 1993.  ... Read more >>

Leasehold Valuation Calculations – 2 Worked Examples

Saturday, 12th March 2011 | by: Peter Barry

Over the course of the last few posts we have tried to explain the process of granting a new lease under the terms of the Leasehold Reform and Urban Development Act 1993. We’ve looked at the various elements that have to be taken into account in calculating the premium that the lessee will have to pay to the freeholder and thought that it was ... Read more >>

In my last post we said that we would start to look at how ‘The diminution in value of the freeholder’s interest in the subject property’ is calculated.Generally there will be two elements to take into account. This will be the loss of the income from the ground rent and the loss of the potential reversion at the end of the original ... Read more >>

How Marriage Value is Calculated

Wednesday, 19th January 2011 | by: Peter Barry

We have been promising to explain why the concept of ‘Marriage Value’ is important and why residential leases are said to be short when there is a term of less than 80 years remaining. Thanks for your patience; we are nearly there now!Before we get there we’ll just recap some of the points we’ve been looking at in previous posts. Most ... Read more >>

What is Marriage Value?

Tuesday, 11th January 2011 | by: Peter Barry

In my last leasehold post we said that we would try to explain the implications of the Leasehold Reform Act in as simple terms as possible.  We thought that the best approach would be to start by defining some of the terms that we will be using and the first one that springs to mind is ‘Marriage Value’.Marriage Value may be described as ... Read more >>

Leasehold Reform

Friday, 26th November 2010 | by: Peter Barry

We get quite a few enquiries each week on the subject of Leasehold Reform.  The conversion often starts as follows:- ‘I’m thinking about extending the lease on my flat….can you tell me how much it will cost and how do I go about it?’ After some probing we often find that the enquirer has considered selling their flat and has been told by ... Read more >>

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